Video Art「Waters Of March」

映像制作の記録 音楽制作の記録

制作:Video Art「Waters Of March」/ 3月の雨


Video Art「Waters Of March」

Directed and Composed by Takamitsu Nagano


This work is the first in the video art series “Seasons”.

The rain that falls with the change of seasons is somehow comfortable.

“Waters Of March”

It is a depiction of a scene that depicts the approaching sound of spring rain, and expresses the [ambiguous atmosphere] between cold and warmth.





季節の移り変わりに降る雨は、どこか心地が良い。 「3月の雨」 春の雨音が近づいてくる様子を表す情景描写であり、寒さと暖かさの狭間にある、[どっちつかずな空気感]を表現している。

[Profile] T.Nagano

Born in Shibushi City (Kirishima City), Kagoshima Prefecture.

Graduated from Showa University of Music (Kanagawa)

Studied [composer Fumiharu Yoshimine], [piano Yuko Hori], [computer music: Taro Yoshihara].

Since the age of 20, he has performed nationwide as an eventer for children’s concerts.

At the age of 24, he became a manager of a music, dance, cram school, etc., and became the representative director of startcreation Co., Ltd. at the age of 31.

Currently, he is busy with managing a music video studio, running a company, and working as a writer.


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